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Grief is a journey that the soul must undertake. It is the only way forward...

Content Warning: Suicide.

Swan Song is an adventure-platformer hybrid that follows the journey of Daniel, a father who must navigate his own inner turmoil in order to process the loss of his daughter. This emotional sojourn takes the player through Daniel's five stages of grief as he comes to terms with Odette's suicide.

This game is a labour of love from a group of students at Media Design School, Auckland. New Zealand has one of the highest rates of youth suicide in the world, and our mental health issues have been neglected for far too long. Swan Song means to draw attention to these issues and hopefully open dialogue so that they might be resolved.

Shifting Sands Studios

  • Holly Rees
  • John Paterson
  • Kerry Pellett
  • Gavin Pountney
  • Mark Wilson


SwanSong.zip 25 MB

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